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The Wolves GN1

"You can get a lot more with a nice word and your pack, than with a nice word alone."

More dangerous than a band of Bandidos, more skilled than a team of Ninjas and more stylish than David Beckham, the pack of wolves has it all. Lost between reality and the virtual world, their accessories take up the different styles of the NFT universe, for a crazy mix. 1111 wolves and not one more, meet in this very private club, The Wolves Club..

  • + The Wolves Club Membership
  • + Sold out
  • + Premium Utility
  • + 1,111 Supply


Crazy Skeletons GN2

Who are they? you tell us!

Straight out of the imagination of our DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), skeletons are newcomers to The Wolves Club! Crazy, creepy, where do they come from? who are they? all this remains to be invented and it is you, members of the club, who will participate in the creation of their story through an unique project.

  • + The Wolves Club Membership
  • + Supply: 4444
  • + Price: 0.33 SOL
  • + Mint date: Juin 12th
  • + Unique Utility
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The first Comic DAO NFT

Take part in a unique experience! The creation of the first NFT comic made thanks to a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Each stage of creation will be the subject of contests and validation by our members.

This comic will immerse us in the universe of the Wolves Club and will be an unique community work, of which 50% of the sales will be donated to the members.

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Apart from giving a use to the club tokens, this project will also allow you to appreciate and discover the process of creating a comic book. Our artist Cesar Augusto explains the different artistic stages to us:

Firts, PENCILS, it consists on the creation and composition of the comic page, for this the cartoonist must have the script and the attached files of the creator or writer. Here the artist makes a preliminary sketch to polish the drawing after each vignette.

INKING: At this stage the pencil stroke must be well defined, a digital layer is used on the drawing to trace and ink. The artist must know the volumetric handling of each form, handle the high contrasts and the light source of the characters and the background in each vignette and the balance of light and shadow of the entire page.

COLOR: The final stage, here the artist manages a general color palette by scenes and by dramatic arc, there are some artists who do not need to ink the page and directly apply the color, that is why the inking stage is only outlining contours. The color enriches the final art.

The Wolves Club Comic #1, is the first ever tokenized comic, consisting of three different mintable comic covers.

At the time of mint, each “The Wolves Club” comic cover NFT consists only of the comic cover.

The downloadable comic files and physical copies will be available within 60 days. “The Wolves Club” comic cover NFT future utility includes: Downloadable digital files (available within 60 days) Burn-to-redeem physical copies (available in 60 days; open for 1 week).

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$sol Airdrop + Personal bank vault

Here, there are no worthless tokens with a wacky name that you accumulate like supermarket points. At the Wolves Club, our members receive $sol and only $sol!

For each NFTs in the collection you own, you receive a share of the 70% royalties from GEN1 + a share of the 70% royalties from GEN2 every week.

The royalties are returned to a common wallet (GqzmE2tv6GexJwC6Vjux7pt3oPUXtUcPRgrhTaXz11ZY), then redistributed according to the number of NFTs held by each of our holders.

Royalties for GEN1 and GEN2 are 7% each. For GEN2, we also plan to integrate a "paper hand" tax to be determined in accordance with our DAO.

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Each Holder has the option of storing, viewing and/or recovering his royalties at any time by connecting to his "Personal bank vault".

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The Wolves Club is committed to the best buildouts in multiple metaverses.

The club has a first land (x-1 y+12) in the SolanaTown metaverse. You can already visit our “home”, which will evolve over time and as the project progresses. We hope for a quick integration of Wolves avatars in this metaverse in the following weeks. Members will have exclusive access to various 3d and voxel assets for use in the metaverses 3d models, vehicles and real estate.

The Club will obviously integrate other metaverses, depending on their notoriety and its interest.

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Merch 2.0

As you may have noticed, the Wolves are very stylish. So we judged indispensable to launch our own line of clothes and accessories.
That means you'll be able to gain access to different articles depending on:

· If you hold a Wolf or not
· Which traits your Wolf has

We're already seeking for the perfect partner to make a unique clothing and accessory line for The Club.

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$Champagne Token

We hesitated for a long time about creating a token for the Club ecosystem and ended up approving its implementation.

$Champagne (Champ) isn't meant to be a passive income to make you rich, it's meant to be the currency of our ecosystem, the digital money to interact with everything we'll do. And yep we're gonna bring as much utility and value as we can, but our main focus is and it's going to be to make Wolves an actual store of value.

The main use for $Champagne (Champ) is to buy NFTS in your marketplace. You'll be able to purchase limited edition merchandise, such as hoodies and other goodies.

And many more! We'll be working hard on making The Club not only the most crazy place but also a true store of value. Bringing more utility to our token as the time passes will help us achieving this.


There are currently 5,000,000 Champ in the DAO wallet. The distribution is made daily for each Holder as follows:

1 NFT from The Wolves Club collection earns $1 Champ per day.

1 NFT from The Skeleton Gang collection earns $0.5Champ per day.

Each Holder can view and transfer their $Champ at any time from their personal bank vault to their wallet.

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The basement Marketplace

The new collection should allow new members to join the Club. The sale will be open to the public.

In order to give a strong utility to our token ($Champagne), we chose to create a private marketplace for our holders.

This place is a secret place, forbidden to the general public and away from prying eyes... named The Basement.

Here you will find all the creatures and things the wolves have captured and stolen.

All can be exchanged for $Champagne, the Wolves Club ecosystem token.


Each month, new NFTs from collections outside of ours will be purchased and offered for sale on our marketplace.

These NFTs will be exchangeable for $Champ, which our Holders will have accumulated over time.

In addition to NFTs from other collections, we will offer on this marketplace, different NFT 1/1 from our collection in partnership with other artists, merch and of course the Comic 'The Wolves Club'.

Marketplace features will evolve and improve over time.

The first NFT we captured that will be available on the Marketplace is from the TomStonedHS collection.

We intend to capture for you many other creatures like DeGods, Degenerate Ape, Aurory!



who are the skeletons?

The Skeletons are the second generation of Wolves Club members. Following a vote, Our DAO has chosen that our new members will be represented as such. The vote was made up of "female wolf" "alien wolf" "Eagle" "Lynx" or "other" type of member. The new collection should allow new members to join the Club. The sale will be open to the public.

How were the Skeletons NFTs created?

The Skeletons NFTs were created by renowned Cesar Augusto, who has hand-drawn over 120 traits, giving each Skeleton its own unique character. The website will contain an overview with all the traits and their rarity.

When mint?

Juin 12th open Mint for 0.33 $SOL

Free Skeleton for Wolf Holders

A holder with 10 wolves from the first collection will receive 10 skeletons!
Each holder will receive an airdrop directly on his wallet 1 $Champ (heading $Champ Token) for each Wolf s/he holds. It will then be possible for the holder to mint a Skeleton for free using his $Champ token. In order to receive your tokens, your The Wolves Club NFTs must be in your wallet and therefore not listed on a marketplace after May 5th.

The mint for everyone

Once the free mint is done, a minimum of 3,333 NFTS will therefore be available for sale at 0.33 SOL for everyone.
GEN2 royalties are 10%.
70% of the royalties are automatically transferred to the holders (bank vault).
From the end of the mint, the secondary market will be open on the main marketplaces of the Solana blockchain.
The reveal of the collection will take place 72 hours after the end of the mint.

Mint with Giveaway!

The new collection is made up of several gold skeletons. Each gold skeleton earns 2 sol for people lucky enough to mint it!


What is The Wolves Club?

The club is a community of blockchain enthusiasts. Each member will be keen to make the club shine, and make it a reference in the world of Solana NFTs.

Are The Wolves Club a good investment?

That is ultimately a decision for you to make. We believe The Club has a long life ahead of it and will be an ever-growing and evolving project. However the success of The Wolves Club relies on so many factors and variables, no one knows! Hopefully, The Wolves Club will go to the moon, but like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have, and always DYOR.

Who is the team behind it?

You can read more about it on the Team page. In summary, we are experienced professionals with high standards and a love for doing things right. We hope to exceed all your expectations!


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Yo B

Project Manager - Graphic designer

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2D Graphic designer

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Interested in The Club?

Come join us and let's discuss ...